In April 2018, COHUI invited you to go to Moscow to host

2018-12-18 10:30:47

In early April 2018, COHUI will once again travel to Moscow to participate in the WorldBuild Moscow/MosBuild exhibition, the largest exhibition of architectural and decorative materials in Russia, held at the Moscow Exhibition Center. It is expected to open up the sales situation of our anti-mildew and anti-mold guard products in Russia and neighboring countries.

Exhibition name: WorldBuild Moscow 2018/MosBuild 2018

Exhibition time: April 3 to 6

Venue: Moscow Exhibition Center (ЦВК Экспоцентр)

Kehui booth number: F721

Exhibition overview:

WorldBuild began in 1995 and is a large-scale and influential expo in the field of building materials and interior decoration in Russia and the CIS region. It is also the only truly building-level building and building event in Russia. The last event attracted 129,000 professional visitors from all over the world, with 1,517 exhibitors from 41 countries, with an exhibition area of over 90,000 square meters.

As the largest trade event in Russia's building materials industry, WorldBuild is the best platform to fully demonstrate new products and technologies in the construction, decoration, doors and windows, bathroom, stone and other industries.

exhibition criteria:

1, bathroom & pool & spa: bathroom facilities and accessories, bathtub, toilet, sink & washbasin, tub, medical whirlpool bath, shower room, shower components, bathroom accessories, swimming pool and spa;

2, ceramics and ceramic machinery / technology: tiles, mosaics, skirting boards / lines, decorative strips, tile floating floor, ceramics, production machinery, natural materials, chemical products and additives, pressing & forming & casting & drying equipment, pigments and Glaze, (ceramic, utensil) decal paper, packaging and transportation products, quality control;

3, the ground: floor, carpet, plastic floor materials, floor materials accessories, consumables and cover technology, floor decoration materials and carpet processing machinery and equipment, ground material pattern design and printing;

4, wall decoration: wallpaper, murals, adhesives, tools;

5, curtain fabric: window layout - curtains, blinds; curtains and blinds accessories; decorative textiles - kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other home textiles; home decorations; carpets and tapestries; indoor window system - roller / column Outdoor shading equipment; tools and machinery for the production of window products;

6, paints and coatings: indoor & outdoor coatings, plaster, stains & water paint;

7, door locks: doors, door lock hardware and accessories;

8, decorative lighting: LED lights, interior lighting, chandeliers and other home lighting; lighting and electricity: outdoor lighting, architectural lighting equipment, electronic power, etc.;

9, comprehensive building materials: coatings, adhesives & chemicals, roofing materials, insulation materials, scaffolding, formwork / frame, wood, sheet, cement & concrete, brick, equipment, ancillary equipment, wooden structure;

10, hardware tools and outdoor gardening: hand tools, power tools, fixtures and accessories, work benches, tool accessories and devices, equipment boxes, ladders, loading and unloading equipment, outdoor gardening and related products;

11, interior decoration: interior design, bedroom textiles, home decoration supplies and accessories, carpets and tapestries, interior decoration lighting and other interior decoration products;

12. Stone: indoor stone; outdoor stone; wear agent, cutting tool and chemical product required by stone industry, tools and equipment needed for processing natural stone, raw material preparation;

13, door and window area: automatic doors, industrial doors, automation technology, etc.; aluminum profiles, glass, door and window hardware, doors and windows and glass machinery; fire equipment, fire safety equipment, etc.; art glass, architectural / decorative glass, industrial glass, glass machinery, etc. . Products, gardening, lighting power, stone; door and window curtain wall (aluminum door, glass door, automatic door, rolling door, glass door, fire protection equipment, etc.).


Moscow is the largest city and economic and trade center in Russia, the former Soviet Union and even Eastern Europe. Its geographical position is superior, transportation is developed, and it has good economic radiation and influence on Russia and neighboring countries.



Russia is located in the cold zone. It is a cold country affected by people. The winter is cold and long. The construction and outdoor work are generally concentrated in the summer. Therefore, the exhibition time is also very suitable for us.


Moscow Red Square ,Be there without fail!