COHUI launches 1 minute fast curing flexible epoxy resin structural adhesive

2018-12-09 22:37:34



          Ultra-fast curing modified epoxy resin structural adhesive, operating time of 45 seconds, initial solidification time of 1 minute, ultra-low odor, super weather resistance, ultra-high flexibility and yellowing resistance, can be used outdoors, fully transparent, relative to In the traditional polythiol fast-setting epoxy adhesive, the curing agent of the product is not easy to yellow and has no pungent odor of polythiol, which solves the problems that the traditional epoxy resin adhesive is not resistant to yellowing and lack of flexibility.

Operating time: 45 seconds Initial solidification time: 1 minute


Mixing ratio: 1:1 color: transparent


Filled void: 0.1-1.5mm Odor: low odor


Uses: metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, concrete and wood are bonded together in a matter of seconds


Features: Very low odor, strong flexibility, yellowing resistance can be used outdoors.